Nehemiah Towoong Bridgetech Sdn Bhd is a member of the Nehemiah group of companies. It shares the DNA of the group, holding the same vision, mission and core values as the larger group. Like our parent company (Nehemiah Group), we are committed to conducting business with integrity and providing the highest quality products and services in the markets we enter.


The Nehemiah group of companies taps into international technology by forming a joint venture with Towoong E & C (Engineering and Construction). Towoong E & C has been recently awarded a letter of commendation from the Korean Government giving them the title of “Excellent Overseas Construction Company”. Using the latest in bridge construction technology from South Korea, we are able to build bridges with span as long as 60m. This super long span girder is called BH Girder™.


in comparison to other types of beams, BH Girder is:


Optimized cross section that achieves long spans and low depth. Prestressing efficiency is optimized by using the intermediate tendon and straight tendon arrangement.


Substructure cost, slab cost and earthwork cost reduced by use of BH girder.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Increased span length makes for a more streamlined shape, improving the overall aesthetic which is also improved by requiring less piers.

Easy Installation

Due to increased span length, BH Girder requires less spans overall reducing the number of installations. This coupled with rigid and stable spans makes for simpler hoisting and an overall easier installation.

Shorter Construction Period

Construction period is reduced by 45-60% because of the omission of some piers due to the increase in maximum span length.

Environmentally Friendly

With the use of a reduced number of piers, there is a reduced impact on the natural landscape.


Ir. Tan Cheng Chong
Designation: Executive Director

B.E.; MIEM; P. Eng

Lee Eun Ho

M. Eng (Civil & structure) 

Head of Newbiz Division & Chief R&D Center Manager

Yoon Suk Min

M. Eng (Civil & Structure)

General Manager


Improving on the PSC Girder, Towoong has developed a groundbreaking upgrade, the latest advancement in bridge technology – BH Girder™. Developed in 2011, BH Girder™ stands for Bulb-T shape integrated with Half Slab Girder that can be applied over a long distance.

Sejong Government Complex 2-1 Connection Bridge

Span Configuration : 60.8m + 48.0m + 57.0m (3 Spans)


Rural Development Administration Cheong-Woon Bridge

Span Configuration: 35.0m (Single Span)



The BH Girder is one of the upgraded PSC girders that utilized the Bulb-T shape integrated with Half Slab and can be applied over a long distance of 60m at once. Compared to other types of PSC Girder bridges, it is an entirely new type of bridge that has achieved the 3 goals of “Low Cost”, “Fast Construction” and “High Safety”.

Half Slab Integrated slab girder for improving constructibility

Improvement of Aesthetic View Stream lined shape


Bulb-T Shape The structural efficiency can be maximized

Intermediate Tendon 
Maximization of prestressing efficiency

Connection of Slab Special lap splice of rebar

Straight Tendon The friction loss can be minimized

Construction Process


Installing casting bed & assembling rebar

Transporting girders to a site


Inserting tendons & setting up a mould

Installing girders


Casting & curing concrete


Assembling slab rebar & casting


Disintegrating mould & prestressing tendons

Pavement of deck & completion



We assist in design of BH girder including preparation of drawings from design concepts to the final construction drawings.


We assist in the preparation of material and construction specification


We assist in the preparation of bill of quantities with estimated rates for each item. This information is useful to client for budget preparation.


We provide technical assistance and advice during construction.