Aug 16, 2015

Integrity and Profitability

Dr Nehemiah Lee, founder of Nehemiah Reinforced Soil, tells LIM WING HOOI that swimming against the tide may be dificult, but you can build a successful company without resorting to bribery

Sep 28, 2014

NRS Diversifying Products

Retaining wall system specialist Nehemiah Reinforced Soil Sdn Bhd is planning to diversify its product base to reduce vulnerability to the ups and downs of market conditaions

Jun 17, 2013

Staff Appreciation Dinner

The staff of Nehemiah Reinforced Soil Sdn Bhd came dressed in their best Bollywood outfit

Sep 30, 2012

Challenges of Young Engineers

Young engineer who have just joined the industry or who are about to, may quickly find themselves becoming overwhelmed by the various issues that they face at the workplace

Aug 23, 2012

UTAR Bags Top Prize in Nehemiah Design Competition

The Top Consultant team from the Faculty of Engineering and Science (FES) of University Tunku Abdul Rahman emerged as champions

Jul 23, 2012

2012 Nehemiah Design Competition

For three consecutive years, the Nehemiah Design Competition has attracted civil engineering students throughout the country to participate and solve a real life challenge

Jul 06, 2012

Nehemiah On Integrity

Nehemiah Reinforced Soil, a maker and supplier of home-grown patented retaining wall systems, will be sharing to the participants at the upcoming Star Business Awards

May 16, 2012

Work Guaranteed Scholarship

A leading specialist in the business of infrastructure and construction industry is offering work-guaranteed scholarship for one final year student currently pursuing a degree in civil engineering

Nov 25, 2011

UTAR wins Civil Engineering Design Competition

UTAR CI08 Team emerged as winners of the 2011 Nehemiah Design Competition

Aug 31, 2011

Jujur Kunci Kejayaan

Watch this YouTube video of an interview with Dr Lee

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