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Nehemiah Prestress Sdn Bhd is a member of the Nehemiah group of companies. It shares the DNA of the group, holding the same vision, mission and core values as the larger group. Like our parent company (Nehemiah Group), we are committed to conducting business with integrity and providing the highest quality products and services in the markets we enter.


Building on the success of Nehemiah Walls system, Nehemiah Group diversified its business to establish Nehemiah Prestress since 2015. Nehemiah Prestress offers a cost-effective post-tensioning system that boasts the best of both worlds in terms of affordability and design flexibility all the while providing the highest standard of quality performance and service.


Modernized technology and solutions

Providing extensive bridge construction experience and solutions such as post tensioning technical expertise specialist with at least 20 years of experience, and unique bridge construction technology of increased span for value engineering. 

Design consultancy and bundled pricing

Providing multiple stop solutions for your bridge works with a bundled pricing system and design consultancy with counter proposals for value engineering



Ir. Dr Lee Chee Hai

Designation: Founder Chairman

Qualification: B.Eng (Malaya), MSc (Notre Dame), PhD (Malaya), P.E. MIEM

Khor Lee Chong, Jason

Designation: Chief Executive Officer

Qualification: B. Eng (Civil) (Hons)

Mika Anak Jakau

Designation: Operation Manager

Qualification: Dip. In Civil Engineering



Born from the heart of integrity and bridge technologies from Nehemiah Reinforced Earth Wall, Nehemiah Prestressing system now provides extended specialist services in Post Tensioning systems. Partnered with international partners, we are now providing to the market the following services:





Stay Cable Bridges


Our post tensioning system is extensively used in T-Beams for bridges, building beams or drop panels and transfer plates for carparks and halls, box girder segments, balanced cantilevers, suspension bridges, and cable stayed bridges.

With over 50 years of experience and R&D in the field of prestressing and other construction techniques with over 480 technical patents filed was the joint effort of collaboration between universities and private R&Ds to continuously innovation and efficiently create better and higher quality post tensioning products to meet all our client’s satisfaction. We provide the following products to our clients much reliably at a much cheaper rate due to innovation and continuous improvements in the production of our products as compared to our western competitors. 

• Post Tensioning Systems

• Cable Systems

• Bearings and Expansion Joints

• Monitoring systems

• Construction Solutions

• Erection and placement of box girder

Technology credentials

We consistently account for integrity in mind. Therefore, Nehemiah only implements the most reliable products without compromising safety and quality. All our products used are strictly produced with the highest quality standards through outstanding and effective management. Such practices had merit us to receive international major recognition and certifications such as:

• ISO9001-2008 Quality management systems by BSI and CQC

• ASTM  (ASTM International - Standards Worldwide)

• ETA (European Technical Approval)

• EN (European Standards)

• AASHITO (The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials)

• BS (British Standard)

• FIP (Federal Information Processing Standards)

• GB (Guobiao standards)

• JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards)

• MS (Malaysia Standards)

Only at Nehemiah we are able to provide such values to our clients. We have integrated our business divisions to be able to complement one another into providing the most efficient and effective communication to produce the best results to our client. It is our creed to conduct our business practices with integrity to ensure only the best interest for our clients first.

• Multiple stop solutions for your bridge works with a bundled pricing system

• Post Tensioning technical expertise and specialist with at least 20 years’ experience

• Extensive bridge construction experiences and solutions

• Foreign currency advantages without compromising safety and quality

• Design consultancy with counter proposals for value engineering

• Unique bridge construction technology of increased span for value engineering

  • Increased freedom for architects in structure designs

  • Reduction of intermediate pier construction making for economical construction and improved serviceability of element

  • Higher span-to-depth ratios

  • Greater aesthetic appeal - bridges, buildings with large column-free spaces


Preliminary design


Shop drawings for

Prestressing works

Cost estimation

Construction advice

and assistance

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