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Nehemiah Reinforced Soil Sdn Bhd specializes in the design, supply and construction of our very own patented reinforced soil retaining wall system called Nehemiah® Wall. We are the dominant market leader in this sector of the industry. Since its inception in 1993, we have built Nehemiah® Walls all over Malaysia. We have also exported our technology to Singapore, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. To date, we have built over 2.2 million m2 of Nehemiah® Walls with varying heights, configurations and applications. 


We aspire to maintain our dominant market leadership position in Malaysia and expand aggressively into the global market in the years to come.  We will continue to deliver quality products and excellent service with integrity and humility.


Ir. Dr. Nehemiah Lee Chee Hai

Designation: Founder Chairman

Qualification: B. E. (Malaya);

MSc (Notre Dame);

PhD (Malaya); P.E.; MIEM.

Ir. Tan Cheng Chong

Designation: Group Executive Director

Qualification: B. Eng (Civil): P.E. MIEM

Khor Lee Chong, Jason

Designation: Chief Executive Officer

Qualification: B. Eng (Civil) (Hons)


Nehemiah® Walls

Green Mur™ and RockMur™

Forte™ Wall



We assist in design computations, analysis and preparation of drawings from design concepts to the final construction drawings.


We assist in the preparation of material and construction specification


We assist in the preparation of bill of quantities with estimated rates for each item. This information is useful to client for budget preparation.


We provide technical assistance and advice during construction.

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