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Nehemiah Wall (20.5m high) for Simpang Pulai - Kampung Raja - Lojing - Kuala Berang Highway, Package 2

Client : Jabatan Kerja Raya
Consultant : Terratech Consultants (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Completion : 2001

This wall is located along the Second East West Highway at Package 2 which links Pos Selim to Blue Valley in Cameron Highland. A long viaduct was originally proposed on a section of this highway that passed through steep mountainous terrain in the Main Range of Peninsular Malaysia. Unfortunately, the construction of viaduct is especially difficult, expensive and time consuming because of the steep terrain. 

The remoteness of this area caused severe logistics problems as poor site access prevented the mobilization of heavy machineries and construction materials. The mountainous terrain also posed undesirable working conditions that will adversely affect the work progress. Nehemiah wall was subsequently adopted as an alternative. Trapezoidal wall design with shorter reinforcing bars at the lower portion of the wall was adopted in order to minimize the amount of excavation thereby resulting in cost saving. The typical section for the mentioned wall is shown in the sketch below. Besides that, the modular precast concrete panels and accessories were compact and easily mobilized to the site due to its portability. The construction of the Nehemiah wall was smooth and rapid thereby providing significant savings in terms of time and money to client. It was in this project that the highest reinforced soil wall in Malaysia, at a height of 20.5m was built.

Typical Design Cross Section of 20.5m high Nehemiah Wall

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