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Nehemiah Wall for Waterway at Kulim, Kedah

Client : Jabatan Pengairan dan Saliran, Kedah
Developer : Barisan Kemajuan Sdn Bhd 
Consultant : Perunding Timur
Completion : February 1994

When a new township was developed in Kulim, W Kedah, the existing waterway was unable to cope with the increasing drainage requirements that have to be provided. In order to accommodate the anticipated quantity of water flow, waterway with a larger flow capacity had to be constructed.

The application of Nehemiah Wall allowed construction of the waterway in Kulim to accommodate large water flow capacity. Despite the difficult working condition at site, Nehemiah Wall provided a viable and economical solution in the construction of waterway as compared to reinforced concrete wall. The construction of Nehemiah Wall was rapid and without much difficulties in this situation where site was limited. 

The wall was 4.5m high and river sand, which was readily available at site, was used as backfill material. Behind the wall facing panels, drainage aggregate of 20m diameter was placed and Polyfelt geotextile was used as filter between the aggregate and backfill. At the toe of the wall, rock armour was placed below the wall footing to protect the toe against scouring. Geotextile was also used as filter in that region.

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